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European Aviation Safety Agency Made In Germany
I-Novo Nominee

The Smart All-In-One IFE Solution

Inflight Entertainment itrolley by Cabinnet
European Aviation Safety Agency Made In Germany

i.trolley is our answer to modern Airline IFE requirements - Every time state of the Art with personalization.
It’s save, fast, reliable and build to stay flexible in order to serve your customers in the present and in the future. It’s supporting your sales with highly personalizeable Advertising. It’s storing and streaming your Movies in high quality as well as being possible to adapt future high quality standards on the fly.

… And yes, we have all the Licenses and we’ve done it right.

Shipping, upgrading and maintaining your IFEC should not be a matter of long turnaround times, IFE experts and high costs...
                 … It should be as simple as changing a meal.“
Jörg Rombach - CEO - Cabinnet GmbH
Jörg Rombach - CEO - Cabninnet GmbH

Keyfacts At A Glance

Inflight Entertainment itrolley by Cabinnet
One aircraft IFE certification in the lifecycle
Four days aircraft turnaround time
One i.trolley serves up to 400 devices
14 Gbps WiFi cabin speed
Updateable and upgradeable every component at any time
All components of the IFEC inside

Release The Power Of In-Flight Advertisement With Sponsored Session

"Would you like to have a magazine or do you prefer the new blockbuster with star cast? Today for free on offer." With our all-in-one solution the Airline can finance their entertainment program through the favorite advertising partners and even have advertising-free through personalized advertising. You decide who pays your bill.

Stream HQ Movies And Pay As You Go

After starting traveling passenger change their mind, speedy decision. Wow. Is that the best time of the year? An Airline get many possibilities for an promotion and sales. Beauty is in the eye of the passenger! Inherent natural beauty from Cabinnet 52 hours with your promotion in the Airport Lounge or Gate for TV's, Smartphone, Tablet-PC, Film 3D, 2D, HD Plus, 4K or 3D Virtual Reality? Do it, change it or leave it ...

720p - HD 1080p - FullHD 4K

Stop Boring Passengers - Stay Flexible

On average, the life cycle of an IFE is 7 years long. 2011 the iPhone4s had started. Who has an iPhone4s today? Aircrafts Lifecycles are long and have to compete with the lifecycles of their passengers' multimedia devices. Stop boring people with old fashioned devices and stay flexible for what ever multi media device star will be rising while your aircraft is flying.

3D 3D VR 3D AR

We Do It Cross-Aircraft

Is your long-haul aircraft just waiting or is it at a standstill? Not with the i.trolley - he is always on the move. In the meantime, they surprise and show their passengers on a short-haul flight what their airline can do in the entertainment sector. A small plane with a big entertainment. "I always want to fly with this airline"


STC SAT, EASA Form1 Equipment

Aircraft EASA.145.0339

i.trolley CTSO-C175, TSOA 0039-XN

Aircraft EASA.DOA.597 ED-130A

EASA.145.0203 certified change